Ep 4: On Being The Unmistakable Creative

Have you wondered if your work is unmistakable?

In this episode, I had a profound conversation with writer/podcast host of the Unmistakable Creative podcast, Srini Rao.  He has interviewed over five hundred of the most interesting people ranging from famous cartoonists to ex-cons. His prolificacy as writer garnered the attention of big media companies such as USA Today, Wall street Journal, and landed him a two book deal with a major publishing company.

I have been a big fan of Srini’s body of work simply because I’ve seen the evolution of a creative devoted to his hustle & craft. From re-branding his vision to mastering his style of interviewing, Srini has found his unmistakable stamp on the world.

This is a deep conversation about finding clarity, detaching yourself from the need of validation, and creating your unmistakable voice.

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • How to let go of the “comparison syndrome”
  • Discovering your self worth
  • Where to find your story?
  • The power of habit
  • How to land a book deal

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