Ep 100: Keeping it 100 with Neue Creative

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We made it 100!

Kind of a big deal in my books, especially since this has been the most devoted I’ve ever been to an online platform. I tried blogging. Failed. I tried doing video. Failed. I tried building a consistent habit on several social media platforms. Nada!

But, podcasting, ah yes, this was love at first mic;)

I’ve had the honor of interviewing some of the most interesting people on this podcast. From magicians to New York Times Best Selling authors, this podcast has given me the perfect platform for me to express myself as a creative entrepreneur and also allow me the opportunity to share valuable content with you.

Your listening attention/ support gives me the fuel to keep pressing record. I want to thank all my previous guests and you for all your love and support. Without you, there’s no podcast. So THANK YOU.

Anyone who has ever produced any form of content knows THIS is not easy. Showing up every day. Creating. Recording. Editing. Sharing. And, the list goes on and on.

But I believe in our mission of No Permission Needed and will continue podcasting for all of those saying YES to the things that light them up.

Cheers to YOU and many more podcast episodes to come.

In this special episode, I wanted to do something different. I wanted this episode to be super casual, fun, and entertaining! I invited two of my friends, Hector Garcia and Common Steve, of Neue Creative, to join us for this milestone episode.

These funny cats are the masterminds behind, Neue Creative, a full-service digital agency based out of Houston, Texas and hosts of my favorite facebook live show, “Something Neue” which can be seen every Weds (7-7:30pm) on their facebook page

WARNING: this episode contains some profanity, extreme randomness, and may disturb the avid wantrepreneurs seeking “actionable” content

However, there are some extremely valuable nuggets on entrepreneurship, branding, FB Live marketing, and other topics I know you’ll dig.

Special thanks to Hector Garcia and Common Steve for opening up their studio to record this episode and for creating the awesome graphic for this episode.

If He Dies, He Dies” Drago



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