Ep 93: Online Marketers Ruin Everything with Bill Troy

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Annnd We’re Back Once again….

Sorry for the week delay folks, but we had some serious website issues we had to take care of. All is well now and we’re ready to start rockin’ and rollin’ again with brand-spankin’ new episodes.

Starting with a banging one today…..

In this episode, I chat with Bill Troy, who is an Inc. 500 CEO and a natural-born contrarian who, for 25 years, has helped global brands like Sony, Disney and Nestle see the world from a different perspective.

His forthcoming book, ClickSand: How The Pitchmen of Online Marketing Suck You In and Ruin Your Business, is an explosive wake-up call and warning for business owners about the dangers and hypocrisy in online marketing. In ClickSand, Bill compares giant RMS like HubSpot, Google, and LinkedIn as well as local agencies and consultants in towns big and small to snake-oil pitchmen of the 1800s.

I believe it was Seth Godin who once said, “Marketers Ruin Everything,” and I gotta admit I believe that statement wholeheartedly. Way too many online marketers blend sales with marketing which taints the potentiality of a real relationship.

Bill shares with us his take on modern day marketing and challenges us to rethink on we build relationships with our potential clients. Are you doing it wrong? Are you pushing away your clients? Maybe if you don’t know, but I’m convinced after this episode, you’ll learn some new strategies on how to connect better with your existing audience and new clients.

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