Ep 43: Marketing Ideas That Work with Russ Johns

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We’re back this week with a brand new interview. ¬†Excited to share this one with you. Why? Well, because I had the opportunity to chat with a friend of mine. A local media-preneur with vast knowledge in media marketing and community building.

Russ Johns is a creative, digital strategist and media online scientist. His passion is helping others build their media platform with marketing tools, technology, and proven community- building strategies. He and I have a few things in common. We’re both creative types with a music background that evolved into this online media entrepreneurship. We love marketing, helping others, and learning all the latest technology tools. I must say, he IS DA MAN when it comes to find out the latest apps and tools.

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • How to leverage technology to build your own media
  • How to create your traffic circle
  • The importance of the imperfect start
  • The power of video
  • Why you should become the media

Resources/Links mentioned in this episode

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  1. After checking out the material on this page, I can’t help however question what other marketing subjects I still have to find out about. Do you have any tips or resources that I should look into that will assist me get more comfortable with this industry?

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