Ep 76: Making The Leap with Grant Snider

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This was such a fun conversation. It tapped into two of my favorite things. Comics and Inspiration. I discovered today’s guest after being tagged by a friend on facebook. It led me to an inspirational comic illustration titled “Making The Leap

In this episode, I chat with Grant Snider, the creative talent behind Incidental Comics  He started a blog in 2009 showcasing his comic drawings and his passion for comic illustration. We had a great conversation about his journey as a comic illustrator, blogging, and what it takes to take the leap.

He recently launched his first published book titled “The Shape Of Ideas” which is a collection of all his comic illustrations. A beautiful mix of inspiration, life lessons, and illustrations of the creative life. You will definitely be inspired and enjoy Grant’s body of work. Check it out

Enjoy the episode!

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