Ep 94: Step Right Up And Risk Rejection with Tim Rhode

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Do you feel like it’s taking you too long to get to your destination? Do you find yourself swimming in financial debt with no safety boat in sight? Do you want various streams of income, but don’t know where to start?

If this sounds like YOU, you’re going to be inspired by this episode.

Tim Rhode, is the creative force behind 1lifefullylived.org and is a rare individual who “walks the walk” of what he teaches. He got off to a VERY slow start in life. He barely graduated from high school, and never went to college.

At 25, Tim was a part-time grocery clerk and he also painted addresses on people’s curbs so he could buy diapers for his kids. Tim went on to dream, plan, and create his own ‘magnificent life’ and has a diverse range of talents that can help others create the life of their dreams.

He finally found his passion for selling real estate and within 18 years, he sold over 2,500 homes. Every year as his income continued to grow, he continued living “small” and invested his income and reinvested his profits. Tim created a vision that inspired him. He wrote a plan and stuck to it! He worked hard, managed his finances, spent less than he earned and learned how to invest. He kept moving forward and created an amazing life for himself and his family.

He created 1Life Fully Lived to change the lives of millions of people across the planet by offering a hand up, instead of a handout. This message is resonating with so many people in all walks of life and is growing by leaps and bounds as people hear about it, they spread the message of empowerment and teach the concepts to lift up more people and build more leaders. Tim understands he has lived a blessed life and wants to spend his senior years helping people of all ages dream, plan and implement their own “magnificent future”.

Rule number 1  Always look for the win/win

In this episode, you’ll discover

  • Research vs Action
  • Tips on how to get out of debt
  • Life AFTER Debt?
  • How to create your magnificent life
  • Ideas on how to create several streams of income

    Mentioned in this episode

  • 1lifefullylived.org

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