Ep 14: Super Dad Entrepreneur, Creative Hustle and Pressing Reset with Dave Conrey

When do you know the right time to pivot? Why is taking the first step of imperfect action your real breakthrough?

I chatted with my friend, Dave Conrey, who spent nearly a decade in the corporate world doing graphic design and marketing. After getting a pink slip, Dave decided to give himself permission to say peace to the 9 to 5 and pursue the daunting yes of carving out his own lane as a creative entrepreneur.

Fast forward to 2016, Dave is still on his creative hustle creating video content, art work, and recently launched a new podcast show called “Makers Gonna Make” We had a great conversation about being Dad entrepreneur, podcasting, and much more. It’s always fun re-connecting with a homie whos hustle I respect and ¬†believe you will too. Enjoy.

In this episode, you’ll discover…

  • Wisdom on entrepreneurial parenting
  • The ingredients for creating an awesome newsletter
  • Embracing yourself and the pivot
  • Why it’s okay to be imperfect and just start
  • And more‚Ķ..

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2 thoughts on “Ep 14: Super Dad Entrepreneur, Creative Hustle and Pressing Reset with Dave Conrey

  1. Dave is a hero of mine. As a creative and as a dad who else can I emulate, eh? Great conversation. Thanks for hosting him on your show. The audio is a little rough. Were you doing this over Skype? I have had a tough time recording my interview show using that platform and I am looking at other options. Do share what you find out. Hope our paths cross at the next Podcast Movement event. I am hoping to go next year!

    • Hey Seshu! Thanks for listening. Much appreciated. Pardon the audio, yes, we had some skype issues. Nonetheless, hope you enjoyed it and got some value out of it. Here’s a resource Dave shared with me for recording podcast interviews: https://tryca.st/ (Check it out)

      Yes, hope to meet you soon. Would love to meet you in person. Whats the name of your podcast? Stay in touch and if time permits, would love to ask you for an itunes review. (http://www.thinkozeal.com/itunes)Would greatly appreciate it and thanks for dropping a comment.

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