Ep 58: Wins, Lessons Learned, and 2017 with Ozeal

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**Warning: Too Much Coffee Made Me Into a Fast Speaking Podcaster in this one.**

Alright, my friend. We’re edging towards the end of a new year. Are you excited or what? I am…..

2016 was challenging but all the hurdles were jumped and faced with confidence. Surely it wasn’t easy all the time. I had my moments of self doubt, frustration, and fear. Whether or not, anybody cared about this podcast was a big fear of mine early on.

I’ve learned to let go, press record and enjoy the process.

I encourage you to do the same. If you didn’t launch your idea in 2016. Do it in 2017. If you didn’t get enough eye balls on your website/blog, that’s okay, keep writing and creating content in 2017. If you didn’t hit your financial goal, all good…figure out what you can tweak and move forward.

In this episode, I share with you some of my wins, lessons learned, and what I expect of myself in 2017. I also share three questions you should ask yourself going into 2017. Please feel free to share them below. It’s already begun on good note, I got a master mind//accountability partner for 2017 and a clear picture on where I want to take this podcast, content platform and this journey of ours. I can’t wait to share it with ya’ll and build from here.

Have a great and safe new year celebration and I look forward to re-connecting next year. Thank you for listening and for giving me the fuel to show up every thursday to deliver.

Thank you sincerely,