Ep 50: Today We Celebrate

Welcome to the No Permission Needed Podcast

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Photo credit: Amanda J Cain

This is it….episode number 50!

It’s been a fun podcasting journey thus far. Sharing these conversations with some of the most remarkable people I know. Individuals that are saying YES and going themselves permission to take action on their ideas. I hope you’re enjoying this journey just as much as I am.

Oh yea, I did declare last night that the CUBS would win the World Series and they did it!! Still can’t believe it. What a game that was.

Anyhow, here’s episode number where I share…

  • Lessons I’ve learned from podcasting
  • My big “Why” for podcasting
  • My experience this past weekend at Thrive
  • And more….


I would like to give a huge shoutout and thanks to YOU for tuning in every week. Thank you for all your love, support, downloads, reviews, emails, etc.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,