Ep 56: The Struggle Is Real with Kathy Bass

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As you know, the name of our podcast is called “No Permission Needed,” because it represents a tribe of individuals who decided to say yes and start a business or a movement behind a purpose/passion.

In today’s episode, I had the honor of sitting down with Houston-based entrepreneur, Kathy Bass, who is a branding expert and the director of the movie, “Entrepreneur, the movie” I had the privilege of seeing the pre-screening of the movie and chat with Kathy about the blood, sweat and tears she had to endure to get this movie done and delivered. She gave herself permission to do something different and capture the essence behind the modern day entrepreneur.

Did I mention this is our first official LIVE podcast episode?!!

Kathy and I spoke right after the screening and got mad REAL about the movie, the struggle of an entrepreneur, hobbies, and many more topics I know you can relate to. I want to give a special shoutout and thanks to Kathy for the pre-screening invite and spending some time with me afterwards to chat on the podcast.

Be sure to say hello to Kathy on twitter @ladieswhobrand

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