Ep 64: Business, Music, and Crowdfunding with Ariel Hyatt

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There’s a lot of creatives in our community. Many of them are musicians. Which is why I wanted to bring this episode back! This conversation was recorded in 2014. But, it was so good that I had to share it with ya.

In this episode, I spoke with Ariel Hyatt who is an entrepreneur whos hustle began in the music industry. She worked many years with music record labels and was immersed in the world of PR. Since then, she has transcended her platform into helping entrepreneurs build their business platform.

Listen closely. There’s a ton of golden value in this episode. From business to crowd funding, this conversation is packed with a ton of value. If you’re a musician, you will learn from Ariel’s vast experience working in the music industry,

She released her new book titled, Crowd Start, which can be found here along with free bonuses. I will definitely be having Ariel back on the show to get all the latest updates. She was an awesome guest and I know you will dig this episode.

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