Ep 6: How To Become An Abundant Artist with Cory Huff

I have one mission here. Debunking the myth of the “starving” artist. I mean, let’s be real. Don’t we all struggle in our hustle to become who we desire to be? Now, flipping the coin, I do meet many creatives that refuse to embrace the business side of art. The purists. The hard core artsy folks that want to be “real” to their art. I get it.  But, what if it doesn’t have to be that way. What if you can create your own art and also be abundant? Now that sounds sexy right?

In today’s episode, I chatted with Cory Huff of The Abundant Artist.com His vision is helping artists sell, market, and go PRO in their artistic endeavors. As a creative, I was excited to discuss solutions (not struggles) in helping our community of creatives reach a higher potential through business.

In this episode, you’ll discover

  • How treating your side hustle as a job can benefit you
  • Successful habits/ideas for artists (painters, musicians, etc)
  • The importance of building your own platform
  • Where and how to price your art
  • Why you should start crafting your story

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