Ep 69: Tales Of The Bartender Journey with Brian Weber

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Are you ready for the most chatty conversation thus far?


Because in this episode, I chat with a good friend of mine, Brian Weber, who is a fellow bartender and podcast host of the show “Bartender Journey” 

With over 200 episodes, Brian’s podcast journey is one I’ve been following for quite some time. After discovering this cool thing called “the podcast,” I went on iTunes and searched for one of my passions and discovered the only bartending podcast at that time, yup….The Bartender Journey podcast.  I checked out a few episodes and really enjoyed the content they we serving up.

I reached out to Brian to show him some love and as they say…the rest is history. We’ve been great friends ever since. Staying in touch and I’ve had the honor of being on his podcast twice. Such fun shows.

In this episode, you’ll get two passionate content creators/bartending buddies who love what they do and love to chat! ha! Seriously, this show is different from all the other episodes. Don’t expect tactical tips and tricks for starting an online business on this one, however, Brian does share his perspective on entrepreneurship and content creating. We talk podcasting, apple products, some of the valuable lessons we’ve learned as bartenders and how it applies to this online world, and so on.

Grab a cocktail. Plug in and enjoy this episode with my man…Brian Vincent Weber of The Bartender Journey.

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