EP 31: The Art Of Brotherhood with Ryan Michler

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In today’s episode, I had an in-depth conversation with the man behind Order Of Man, Ryan Michler. I met Ryan at a live event earlier this year and was floored after hearing him bleed his story to the audience. It was a talk full of passion and vulnerability. One that involved the real struggle of man.

After almost losing his marriage, Ryan made a pivotal decision to change his life. To take full responsibility and devote his energy into becoming a better man which resulted in restoring his marriage. It also led him on his new journey of self mastery.

He started Order Of Man to help other men in the struggle. Providing and building his ¬†community of men striving to become better version of themselves. This was an inspiring and motivating conversation. From a man’s perspective and as a community builder, I learned so much about the potentiality of becoming a better man. To serve my relationships better. To serve myself better. To serve YOU better.

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