Ep 5: Small Wins, Podcast Goals, and Gratitude

This is a Soloooooo show!

Cheers! It’s Monday. Another week to start new task or maybe finish an old one. Regardless of the task at hand, Mondays are ready to keep you moving and grooving. I always say, show Mondays some love and they’ll love ya back!

Did I mention this is a solo show?

Yup! In this episode, I decided to rock the mic with me, myself, and I. Occasionally, I’ll do solo shows to keep you updated on all the latest, maybe bust a flow, or just rant about something. Are you down with the cause?

In this episode, I get fired up about

  • Celebrating the small wins
  • My mission for this podcast
  • Much needed Itunes Reviews!!!
  • My gratitude and appreciation for you.

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