Ep 105: Finding Your Financial Success in 2018 with Whitney Hansen

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Hellooooo there!

This is turning out to be an amazing month for us at the No Permission Needed HQ. We’ve had some solid guests and I’ve been really enjoying these conversations I’ve been having.

Hope you’re feeling the same way and getting something out of them.

Today’s episode, I chat with a friend of mine who dug herself out of a 30,000 debt hole in just 10 months!?? Yup, you read it right, only 10 freaking months. Talk about real hard work, sacrifice and dedication!

Whitney Hansen is a financial coach, podcaster, and an entrepreneur with such a positive and giving spirit. She’s been building her tribe while holding down a day job for the past four years. Her work ethic is inspiring and she definitely has all the right leadership qualities to build something special. And, she’s doing just that.

In this chat, we dig into topics such as…..

  • Tips on how to crush your debt in 2018 (Great strategy)
  • Tips for first-time investors.  Where do you start? (We gotcha!)
  • Is Bitcoin something you should really invest in? (Watch out!)
  • Setting your finances for your online business
  • Insight on how to overcome your financial fears

You are going to DIG this conversation. Always fun chatting with friends who are crushing it!


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