Ep 72: Making Money Fun with Whitney Hansen

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Whitney Hansen is fun, generous, and super nerdy when it comes to money. She makes money sound fun which is why I had to bring on her the podcast.

I was introduced to her by a good friend and former guest, Tony Huynh, who I had the podcast on episode 51  I was a fan of her podcast before she and I connected so I was pretty excited to chat with the Money Nerd herself.

Whitney Hansen is a personal finance coach and entrepreneur who teaches millennials how to pay off debt,  be financially independent, and enlighten the topic of finances with A LOT of fun! She doesn’t get caught up in all the usual financial, boring jargon you probably see in the most financial blogs.

In this episode, you’ll be inspired by Whitney’s journey. We chat abut how she paid off $30,000 in 10 months, some great tips on how YOU can get out of debt, and dig into her awesome podcast called, The Money Nerds Podcast which comes highly recommended.

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