Ep 103: Revealing Your True Transformation with Josiah Novak

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It’s a brand new year which means you can develop a brand new you!

Hope you had a great new year celebration. I am so ready for 2018 and things are off to a great start already!

One of the most popular over-heard “New Year Resolutions” is weight loss and getting back into shape. As much as I don’t believe in the New Year Resolution, I do feel it’s a great way to reaccess our lives, discard and embrace the things that can I take us to a new level.

In this episode, I chat with entrepreneur, father, and the man behind The True Transformation, Josiah Novak, who battled his way back from being mentally, spiritually, and financially broke.

I had the opportunity to chat with Josiah about his comeback story, the mindset he had to embrace to overcome his personal obstacles, and the inspiration behind The True Transformation program.  Josiah and his team are dedicated to helping others achieve their own transformation through mindset. fitness, and nutrition training.

This was such an inspirational and timely episode. I’m about to start my own true transformation with Josiah and the True 8 crew. My aim is to inspire you to be mindful of the importance of taking care of yourself. I know you will gain a lot from this conversation.

If you are interested in joining the true 8 challenge, the link will be down below. Thanks for joining us again for another year and I look forward to bringing you more episodes in 2018. Cheers!

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