Ep 84: From The Kitchen To A Million Dollar Business w/Pj Jonas

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One day she decided….

to put excess goal milk into a small batch of handmade soap and just like that: A new business was born!

In this episode, I chat with business owner, goat wrangler and mother of eight beautiful children, PJ Jonas of Goat Milk Stuff  

We chat about her life before launching her business, what inspired her to start a business around Goat Milk products and some of the challenges she had to face building her business.

There’s a lot of great takeaways from this episode. PJ Jonas is an entrepreneur who saw an opportunity to build something special and unique around goat products. Yes, there was competition, but she knew how to position her brand around providing valuable information, building a community outside the internet (something a lot of folks forget to do) and the importance of starting the conversation.

This was another fun and educational conversation about how to start a six-figure business from the comfort of kitchen. Enjoy this chat with PJ Jonas.

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“Nothing Beats Word of Mouth” PJ Jonas

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