EP 30: Building A Business While Traveling The World with Gabby Wallace

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Hope you’re having a great week so far. Excited to share this episode with you for two reasons. First, this is episode numero 30!  The big 3-0! Feels great to have 30 episodes in the bag.  Can you believe that? Crazzzyy!! Anyhow….

In today’s episode, I had an opportunity to reconnect with an old friend. We met at a live event, stayed n touch, and now we’re on this episode catching up. So much has happened. I started my journey as a podcaster and she’s gone on to travel the world while delivering great value with her online business.

Gabby Wallace didn’t’ have a typical business plan. She was an english school teacher with a passion to teach her students how to excel in the english language. Her side hustle became her full hustle launching her site, Go Natural English and a successful youtube channel. But, hey, it didn’t happen over night.

Here’s a story of someone who accidentally stumbled upon something that would take her on a world travel adventure and mold her into a nomadic teaching entrepreneur. That was simply chapter two of her story. Take a listen.

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • Tips on how to become a nomadic entrepreneur
  • The importance of creating your own work flow
  • Tips on how to level up your youtube channel
  • Pricing your online courses

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