Ep 44: Getting Real About Entrepreneurship with Kolby Kolibas

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What’s up! What’s up! What’s up!

Hope you’re having an awesome week. Ready for a dope episode? I’m pumped up to share this conversation with you. I connected with Kolby Kay who is one of the most energetic entrepreneurs I know. Kolby keeps it 100 when it comes to being an entrepreneur. After 15 years of corporate hustle, he made a decision to step away from it all and start his own movement.

He’s a serial entrepreneur, father, business advisor, and a revolutionary teacher. He’s dedicated to helping entrepreneurs with the right marketing, sales, media strategic tools to play on a different level. I had a great time chatting with Kolby. You can definitely hear it in my voice. You’re going to dig it. Trust me!

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In this episode, you’ll learn

  • The framework for providing remarkable content
  • How to monetize your platform
  • How to elevate your sales pitch (Kolby gives us an actual script that works!)
  • Understanding pricing
  • How to structure your goals and tactics

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