Ep 32: From Being Broke to Hiphop Motivational artist with Rocko Stedy

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Ready to Hip-Hop with some motivation?  This conversation will motivate and inspire you. I caught up with an old friend, Rocko Stedy, who has evolved into being motivational hiphop rapper who has traveled the world spreading his message of positivity and love.

He’s worked with major brands such as Samsung Mobile and Sport teams. Crafting theme songs and performing on all stages. From local venues to sold out festivals, Rocko Stedy’s hustle is fueled with sheer hiphop attitude mixed with Tony Robbin’s high motivational spirit. You will be inspired by Rocko’s story of strife and triumph. Enjoy!

Eat the meat and spit out the bones- Rocko Stedy


In this episode, you’ll discover

  • The power of visualization
  • Why you should date yourself
  • The mindset needed to succeed in todays music industry
  • How to stay motivated when you’re starting off

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