Ep 80: How To Build A Bitchy Business with Sharon Zapata

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Where my bloggers at?

In this episode, I chat with Houston-based entrepreneur and sassy blogger/creator behind The Bitchy Business Briefs, Sharon Zapata who shares her life lessons, business tips, and smarty ass quotes.

Since launching in 2015, Sharon has built a sizable following by her sheer willingness to hustle and share. Her passion for self and business development is seemingly coupled with her adventurous personality. Her blogging style is definitely enjoyable and it’s quite obvious why she’s grown a strong tribe of readership.

We had an awesome conversation about her journey as an entrepreneur. Some of the challenges she’s faced throughout her 15 years + in the hustle game. How she started her media company, The Zapata Group, to help other entrepreneurs build their businesses.

Take a listen. Enjoy and sharing is always encouraged;)

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