Ep 89: Podcasting For Hurricane Harvey Relief

Photo: David J Phillip

Hey friend,

This episode is dedicated to all families, personal friends, and co-workers affected by the catastrophic hurricane we recently experienced here in Texas. For those who don’t know, Houston is my home city and I saw firsthand all the destruction caused by the hurricane flooding.

It was heart breaking to watch the news and hear all the stories of families being torn by the flooding. Neighborhoods submerged in water. Families losing their homes. Pets in severe danger. The elderly being rescued. People on top of their roofs. It felt like Armageddon was upon us and we were fighting for a sense of normalcy.

The hurricane is done, but the work to rebuild our cities has just begun. We can’t do this alone and need your help.

Here’s a list of great organizations that are accepting donations.

Some Recommendations From Friends

If you can contribute anything, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Your friend,