Ep 20: The Power Of Content Creation And Influence w/Aaron Marino

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This is kind of a big deal for me. Why? Well, because they say there’s a “7- episode curse” on new podcasters and guess what??? This is number 20 for me!! There’s no turning down the volume on this podcaster;) We’re keeping it moving and groovin’

I had to bring a special guest for today’s 20th episode! I connected with this dapper gentleman earlier this year at a conference he and his co-business partner started called “Style Con” We chatted a few times during the event. We hit it off right away. We connected afterwards and made this happen.

Aaron Marino is an entrepreneur who understands the power of blending valuable content with entrepreneurship. After a failed business which landed him into bankruptcy, he picked himself back up (like successful entrepreneurs do) and started a new journey. One that has catapulted him into youtube stardom helping men transform their lives through fashion, self improvement and fitness.

He’s been creating content since 2008 on youtube and one million subscribers later, he’s a fashionable business man with multiple businesses and has been on Shark Tank twice! Which by the way, he crushed both of his Shark Thank pitches. I’m honored to share with you my conversation with Aaron Marino. Cheers!

People reward authenticity – Aaron Marino

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • How to stand out with your content creation
  • Embracing your imperfect start
  • Why it’s important to make your work informative and entertaining
  • The importance of providing more value than product pitches

Links/Resources mentioned:

Aaron and I at Style Con 2015