Ep 61: From tragedy to transformation with Jennifer Vondran

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Last Friday, I attended Kathy Bass’s red carpet premiere of “Entrepreneur, the movie” at Aloft Houston Downtown. I had the privilege of seeing the pre-screening back in December, but this event was taken to whole other level. I’m talking red carpet, a delicious gin cocktail called “Curation” by Roxor, great food and a room full of entrepreneurial minded people. It was great night and was honored to be a part of this event.

A special thanks/kudos to Kathy Bass who was on episode 56 for the invite and for giving herself permission to share her story with the world. Amazing job, my friend!

On a different note, let’s get to today’s episode because this one is live and one of those unexpected conversations you luckily stumble upon while being at the right place, right time.

In this episode, I chatted with Jennifer Vondran of Keystone Scientific (The Applied Solution) where we discussed networking, being a first time entrepreneur, and how we’re both big Rocky fans. True Story. One of the most vulnerable moments in this conversation was when she shared a tragic moment in her life that transformed everything. Take a listen.

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