EP 73: Why Video? Why Now with Keith Van Ness

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In this episode, I connected with a good friend of mine who’s been on his grind way before content creation was a “thing” Remember Myspace? Well, he was writing music reviews for local bands and he happened to review one of my music performances.

Lucky for me it was a great music review, so of course, he immediately became my friend;)

All jokes aside, Keith Van Ness is one of the most adept marketing ninjas I know. Not to mention, his hustle is filled with passion, creativity, and generosity. I wholeheartedly believe he will become an influencer in the video marketing industry. Let’s just say I have a special knack for seeing the “it” factor when I see it and he definitely has it.

We recorded this episode in front of cameras at a beautiful rooftop looking over downtown Houston. It was a chilly, windy evening, but we had a few glasses of whiskey (neat) to warm us up. I had a great time sitting down with Keith to dig into his story and discuss Why Video, Why Now?

He’s inspired me to create video content for my platform. Something I’ve been slacking on for quite some time, but now is definitely the time to get started. If you’re a small business owner, solopreneur, creative, content creator, etc….YOU are going to dig this interview with none other than Keith Van Ness aka The Video Marketing Ninja.

If you’re not on video, you’re falling behind” Keith Van Ness

In this conversation, you”ll learn

  • Why YOU need to start recording video today
  • The number one tip on how to get started
  • The biggest, most common mistake video makers make. Don’t do this!!
  • How to level up your Facebook Live game! (great tips!)
  • How to simplify your video content creation

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