Ep 79: Finding Your Success And Significance with Aaron Walker

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We start businesses. We launch ideas. We are constantly in reactive mode to all the tools, tactics, and information buzzing our attention to the max. But, have you every questioned if you’re living life…

Proactively or  Reactively?

With Purpose and Intent?

Surrounded the right kind of people?

In this episode, I chat with entrepreneur/life coach, Aaron Walker of View From The Top

Aaron Walker started his first business at the age of 18 which eventually was sold to a 500 fortune company. Over the past 38 years, Aaron has bought and sold 12 successful businesses so he’s the real deal, ya’ll.

What I admire about Aaron is his devotion to marriage and personal development. To him, it goes way beyond the hustle. It’s about priorities and succeeding in all aspects of life: Spiritually, Personal, Family and in Business.

We dig deep into this conversation on his views from the top. We discuss…..

  • How the Work/Life balance is simply a myth
  • Living Life Proactively
  • The Power of Mastermind Groups and why YOU should join one
  • Your first step to launching your business
  • and much much more

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