Ep 68: Building Your Business With LinkedIn with Yakov Savitskiy

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Are you on LinkedIn?

I gotta be honest with you. I’m not. Well, kind of….does having an account count? Corny joke aside, I haven’t taken advantage of LinkedIn for this one reason…

  1. I don’t know how it works and how it relates to online business/content creation

But, get ready because this episode will change everything…

If you’re like me and have been ignoring LinkedIn, this conversation with LinkedIn expert, Yakov Savitskiy, will bring you and your business into the light. I learned so much from this conversation and was honored to have Yakov as a guest on No Permission Needed.

We met last year in San Diego at a conference and reconnected online afterwards. After discovering his LinkedIn Strategies and hearing his passion behind his mission; I had to bring him on the show. You will dig this show. Trust me. Take a listen.

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