Ep 48: Sci-fi, Remixing yourself and self-publishing with Mars Dorian

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A funky, artistic alien is how I would describe today’s guest. Mars Dorian is a super creative digital illustrator/story teller who gave us the best answer to what his purpose is on this planet…..

I want to make people horny for the future- Mars Dorian

The best quote you’ve heard, right?

That’s the kind of creative Mars Dorian is and that’s the impact he wants to make on this world. I had a great time chatting with Mars. It was nice to catch up with an old friend who I admire immensely. We talked about the hit TV show, Stranger Things, his love for sci-fi and other randomness. Not only that…

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • The magic in “The Remix”
  • Mar’s top tips on self-publishing
  • Mar’s five questions you should ask yourself before you go to bed

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