Ep 18: Cooking Up Your Video Marketing with Meg Le Vu

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This episode was sooo much fun!  You’re really going to dig this one. Today’s guest is a “savage” with video marketing. Yes, I wrote “savage” Seriously, she is amazing with video production and marketing.  Putting out valuable and entertaining  video content. We talked about the importance of adding the entertainment secret sauce to your content.

Plug in and enjoy this episode with the mastermind behind “Get In The Lab”

Meg Le Vu

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • Why you should be okay with sucking in the beginning
  • How to conquer your fears
  • Snap Chat tips
  • The Art of Practice and Commitment to your work
  • How to start your video marketing with one simple action
  • Why you should not plan but strategize instead

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