Ep 3: How to hustle your idea and platform it w/Daniel Martinez

There comes a time when you have to decide to jump and go all in on your idea. Build your platform with the right people, get organized, and just go,go,go!

In this episode, I connected with a Houston-based entrepreneur with a mission to educate and provide a platform for the entrepreneurial community. Daniel Martinez is the epitome of today’s millennial hustle. Ambitious, an avid learner, and one who leverages his social media IQ for building his message around his community.

From starting a Men’s Lifestyle Magazine to co-founding Platform It Media,  Daniel Martinez is spearheading his vision for the greater good of entrepreneurship. Platform It Media is a digital hub for entrepreneurs who are searching for connection and education. One of the many offerings Platform It Media provides are their free live events. Their TV show style discussion panels are curated by Daniel and deliver tons of valuable content. Great, insightful business advice from some for the most successful business owners/entrepreneurs in Texas. A great event to network, learn, and feel a part of a growing movement.

Are you ready to tune in?

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • How to network effectively
  • Getting over perfection
  • Tips on how to schedule your priorities

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