EP 74: Reversing Human Connectedness with Lance Salazar

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Relationships can be hard, especially if you’re in the midst of “the hustle” Relationships, Marriages, Friendships fall apart due to negligence and lack of prioritizing what’s really important. Selfishness hijacks our self awareness and we sacrifice the magical moments only found in relationships. Deep human connections.

In this episode, I chat with Lance Salazar of Legendary Couples where we chat about the importance of building a strong foundation with our loved ones (Wife, friends, kids, etc) He and his wife are on a mission to helping people how to thrive in their relationships. As Lance passionately puts it…

– I want to reverse the trend of human disconnectedness, unhealthy relationships, and divorce in our society.

We dive deep in a long hour conversation on relationships.  I haven’t had anybody on the show to discuss this underrated topic on having healthier relationships. I believe we can build businesses and still live a balance life being connected with our loved ones. At the end of the day, THAT love is all that matters.

Enjoy this episode.

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