Ep 21: How To Start Your Side Hustle w/Nick Loper

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Do you have a side hustle? Ever thought about starting one? I’m a big fan of the side hustle for many reasons. I’ve always had side hustles. Everything from selling break dance video during my teenage entrepreneurial years to bar tending special events. The side hustle got me out of debt a couple years ago which is why I highly encourage people to experiment with various ways to make money.

Today, I connected with the man behind “Side Hustle Nation”¬†— Nick Loper. ¬†Nick gives us great insight on the art of the side hustle and provides us how to get started making money on the side. Whether your side hustle becomes your primary business or simply becomes the means of gaining extra income to pay off debt, new car, etc. This is absolutely a great way to learn about entrepreneurship, money, and starting a business.

Hope you get a lot of value from this episode. I’m sure you will. Feel free to drop me a comment below or if you have a question for Nick. Please drop a comment below.

Do you have a side hustle? I want to know more about. What do you do? Any lessons/stories you would like to share?

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • How to lower your over heard and save money
  • The benefits of side hustling
  • 3 ways to determine and get started on your side hustle

Links/Resources mentioned:

  • Side Hustle Nation website
  • The Side Hustle Nation podcast
  • Learn and join the side hustle nation newsletter