Ep 15: 5 Entrepreneurial Lessons I Learned As A Bartender

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In today’s episode, I share my experience as a bartender and make the connections between entrepreneurship and bar tending. There’s been many great lessons I’ve learned from the service industry. Priceless gems that have helped me craft my transition into the marketing and online world.

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EP 1: How To Become A Solopreneur w/Michael O’ Neal

Welcome to our first official episode of No Permission Needed! Woo-hoo!

Such an amazing feeling to get this show started. It’s been long over-due and the journey up to this point has been quite the roller-coaster ride. More on that on a later episode.

Let’s get plugged in, shall we?

In this launch episode, I re-connected with my buddy Michael O’ Neal of The Solopreneur Hour podcast to discuss the pillars of solopreneurship. Michael shares his journey as a solopreneur. He discusses the importance of Saying YES first to the unexpected, random opportunities that come our way. He shares “The Sexy Seven” books EVERY solopreneur should read and why this is the best time for aspiring solopreneurs with online  business ideas. This was a great, fun conversation with a solopreneur that gave himself permission to start something special. I welcome you to this conversation and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

What does it feel like to have:

1. Time Freedom: Do whatever you want at any time (Travel, Have lunch with a friend, or maybe just take a day off to enjoy. This is YOUR time to live however you wish.)

2. Location Freedom:Work and live from where ever you like. Want to live in Bali for a month and crush your business with just a lap top and a cocktail? Done!

3. Financial Freedom: Cash rules everything around me (C.R.E.A.M. A little Wu-tang reference there) Let’s talk about it.  Instead of letting money rule your circumstance and control what your talent is worth, what if you can create business/lifestyle that gives YOU the opportunity to build your empire of financial freedom? Make as much as you like. The promotion you get is the permission you give yourself to build upon your talent and skills. Can you dig it?

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