EP 104: The Entrepreneur’s Ethos with Jarie Bolander

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This was one conversation I didn’t expect. Not that I had any expectations for the interview, but only because I didn’t know how deep we would go.

Today’s episode features, Jarie Bolander, an engineer with an MBA background and one of the humblest entrepreneurs you’ll ever meet. He’s the author of the book, The Entrepreneur Ethos: How To Build A More Ethical, Inclusive, And Resilient Entrepreneur Community.

In this conversation, we dig into entrepreneurship in today’s new generation. Jarie shares with us the inspiration his late wife gave him to write a book about the entrepreneur’s ethos. How can we as entrepreneurs do our service by continuing solving problems but also doing it with a sense of purpose?

This was my favorite part of the conversation. Jarie is on a mission to inspire entrepreneurs to think beyond the modern day entrepreneurial norm.  I know you are going to enjoy this episode and I challenge you to think more deeply about the work you do.

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