Ep 51: Pivoting, Body Building, and Instagram with Tony Huynh

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Are you doing any marketing on Instagram? There’s a high chance you are and if that’s the case….good for you! Instagram is one of my personal favorite social media platforms. Arguably, the platform you should be paying more attention to, especially if you’re an online brand.

In today’s episode,  I chatted with my homie and Instagram Jedi Master– Tony Huynh who’s had quite the entrepreneurial journey. One that resonates with me deeply. Being involved in a field for many years then being introduced to this online marketing world and falling in love. 

After leaving his field of mechanical engineering, Tony was on a mission for a self-confidence transformation. He discovered body building which took him into the world of body building competition. Tony achieved his fitness goal, started a brand around fitness, but had a pivotal moment in his journey that changed everything.

He’s now the instal-guy  helping brands/small businesses level up their instagram game. Let’s face it. Most of us are on instagram and we don’t have much time to focus on building a following  24/7. Tony is the man if you need any instagram services. It was great having him on the show to discuss some of his instagram tactics and strategies, along with sharing his story with us.

In this episode, you’ll discover

  • Embracing the pivot
  • How to build a cohesive brand with Instagram
  • Tactics and strategies on how to level up your instagram business

Connect with Tony

  • The Instaguy.co (Contact Tony for all your instagram business needs. Tell him Ozeal send ya;)

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