Ep 2: Get anything you want by saying YES w/Derek Sivers

Aaaannd we’re back with another one folks. This one here is the right hook of the week.


Well, I’ve been stalking him online for quite some time. Derek Sivers is a man of many talents. He is a musician, former circus clown, entrepreneur and a avid student of life. His accidental idea to promote independent music online led him into building the largest empire of independent music online. In 1998, Derek started CD Baby which produced $100M in sales for 150,000 musicians.

In 2008, CD baby was sold for 22 million and get this….portion of the proceeds were donated to a charitable trust for music education.

He delivered one of the most powerful talks at the TED conference which has garnered over five million views online. He has a great blog, avid writer (34 books in the bag) and wrote one of my favorite books, “Anything You Want.”  Derek is the real deal. So excited to share this conversation with you.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should attend more networking events
  • The importance of saying YES more!
  • The definition of what a business REALLY is
  • How can a musician thrive in today’s digital economy
  • Finding your core in business

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