Ep 90: How To Build Your Business With Podcasting w/Tom Schwab

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We’ve seen podcasting boom over the last couple of years. Many celebrities and professionals from all walks are embracing podcasting as an opportunity to reach another audience. An audience that enjoys the convenience of on-demand radio and an array of niches of talk shows.

Trust me. Nothing goes uncovered in the world of podcasting. If there’s a topic you’re interested in, it’ quite certain there’s a podcast for that interest. ┬áPodcasting is growing and growing every day. Exciting times to plug in (no pun intended) and learn about other benefits we can gain for podcasting.

Today’s guest knows a thing or two about podcasting. He’s an entrepreneur, author, and founder of Interview Valet

Interview Valet is a concierge service for business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs looking to get on top podcasts to share their stories. Through podcasting, Interview Valet provides a proven strategy to help business owners get more traffic, leads, and develop a raving audience.

In this episode, we dig into

  • Why podcasting matters today and in the future for solopreners & business owners
  • Why less is more in business
  • Podcasting vs all the other online platforms
  • The future of podcasting
  • How to build a business with podcasting

Resources/links mentioned in this episode